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Holistic Transformation: Principles of Wu Shen, Free Webinar

Healthy Healing, Healthy Living, Spiritual Growth, to Relieve Stress, Manifest Your Ideal Life, all to BE Happy!

This webinar provides an overview of ancient traditions in simple and easy to understand overview of the principles of Wu Shen (5-elements or spirits) in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), along with:

  • Ayurvedic Medicine of three Doshas based on the 5 elements
  • the Seven Theosophical initiations
  • the Upanishads & Vedic literature
  • Taoist understanding of enlightenment and ascension
  • as well as Metaphysical Science.


These all represent different spiritual and philosophical traditions with their own unique perspectives and practices. However, there are some similarities and common themes among them. These commonalities have been combined in simple terms in an easy to follow processes to help the seeker to obtain and maintain optimal health, mental & emotional well-being, and spiritual growth to nourish the soul with the intention to live one’s soul purpose and have a happy life.

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When you are ready, we have a long term program that helps you develop all 7 initiations in our Holistic Transformation series.

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Prerequisite is the 30-Day OM for Success Program

This will prepare you to understand the basic terms used in our advanced programs, find your ideal meditation style, and make daily meditation an easy and integrated part of your life. Understanding your primary Wu Shen element will help you know where you need to focus most to get healthy, stay healthy, live healthy, be happy, and grow spiritually. Only this way can past traumas be healed. Can gratitude and forgiveness be a part of your daily life. Once you sign up for the 30-day program you will be sent a link to an Evergreen recording of the free Workshop. A couple of times a year the workshop will be live and people who complete the OM for Success 30-day program and taken the Evergreen workshop will be invited to the free, live Zoom workshop.

This Program is FREE

This program is presented by Dr. Beverly Lawrence, sponsored by the Dancing Bear Enlightenment Academy. The intention of this program is to help you understand the significance and importance of daily meditation to support your health, how you live, your mental & emotional well-being, as well as your spiritual growth. These concepts are not separate, but all go together. If you are not healthy then living healthy is impossible and emotions are affected as is your mental health, and so it goes. Every aspect of these concepts is interrelated. Harmony is needed and it is through meditation that this is accomplished.