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The focus of the Academy is to help people in their journey of transformation to holistic health, holistic living, & spiritual development to people as Humanity transitions into the new age of Aquarius & new 5th-Density Frequencies.

The OM for Success Program is sponsored by the Dancing Bear Enlightenment Academy, and is completely FREE!

The entire program is based on workshops taught by Dr. Beverly Lawrence since the early 1990's as well as both her book Meditation Demystified: A Workbook for Everyone, and her eBook OM for Success: Know Your Element Archtype for Success & Healing.

There are three parts to this program:

  1. OM for Success Program 30-Day Intensive Challenge
  2. OM for Success Webinar
  3. OM for Success Master Class

Start with the Challenge, then take the webinar, and finally take the 6-week Master class. You will be invited to the next part as you complete each step. Not sure if this is for you, just book a free consultation with Dr. Beverly

To learn more about Dr. Beverly please visit her home page at Dr. Beverly Home

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To learn more Dr. Beverly's healing practice then please visit Dancing Bear Healing Center

The OM for Success Program has Three Parts

The 30-Day intensive challenge is to show you how easy it is to add a daily meditation proctice to yur life. It is Only 10-15 Minutes a Day. This will prepare you understand the basic terms used in our advanced programs, find your ideal meditation style, and make daily meditation an easy and integrated part of your life. Understanding your primary Wu Shen element will help you know where you need to focus most to get healthy, stay healthy, live healthy, be happy, and grow spiritually. Only this way can past traumas be healed. Can gratitude and forgiveness be a part of your daily life.

The second step is a basic Webinar that can be taken after the 30-day challenge to go deeper into the concepts presented in the 30-day challenge.

The third step is a 6-week Master Class that will help solidify your main physical element of the five so that you know how to stay healthy and introduce tools you can use at home to facilitate living your best life.

This Program is FREE

This program is presented by Dr. Beverly Lawrence, sponsored by the Dancing Bear Enlightenment Academy. The intention of this program is to help you understand the significance and importance of daily meditation to support your health, how you live, your mental and emotional health, as well as your spiritual growth. These concepts are not separate, but all go together. If you are not healthy then living healthy is impossible and emotions are affected as is your mental health, and so it goes. Every aspect of these concepts are interrelated. Harmony is needed and it is through meditation that this is accomplished.